Computer Repair in Renton, WA

When it comes to computer repair, it requires expertise and experience because it’s a complex device. And to handle these complicated issues, everyone prefers to find a reliable local computer repair store near me. And here, 6666 Electronics comes with its finest Computer repair in Renton, WA.

Our store has a skilled tech team that is excellent with computers. Whether it’s pc maintenance, fixing slow computers, monitor screen repair, or computer diagnostics, our professionals are armed with the latest technology to restore your device’s full functionality. 

6666 Electronics computer repair services cover all models, from Apple Mac repair, gaming pc repair, Dell computer repair, Hp computer repair, and many more.

Computer Repairs

Battery Replacement

Camera Replacement

Charging Port Repair


Ear Piece Replacement

Home Button Replacement

Screen Repair

Speaker Replacement

Water Damage Repair

& Much More!

Looking For a Top-Quality Computer Repair Services Near You

Computer Hard Disk Drive Repair

Compute hard drive failure is arguably a significant problem that leads to precious data loss and sometimes complete system disaster. But worry not! 6666 Electronics computer doctor is here to help you with the best computer hard disk repair services. Depending on the severity of the issues, we will repair or replace HDD or motherboard replacement to prevent future failures and allow you to go for a larger and faster hard drive.

Fix Slow Computer

Random shutdowns or frequent system freezing is a headache. Dont, fret! Our professional reimage pc repair services can fix slow computers. Whether your computer is bogged down with unnecessary files or some inter-components failure. The tech team will perform a system cleanup and optimize your computer’s settings for faster performance.

Computer Malware to Virus Removal

Malicious attacks can result in severe issues, from stealing personal information and deleting important files to affecting your computer performance. And even after trying all antivirus programs you are still facing these issues, then visit our computer repair and maintenance store. We will make your computer completely free of viruses and malware with advanced tools and techniques.

Computer Diagnostics

When Computers start behaving unusually like crashing, random shutdowns or not turning on. Then it is time for computer diagnostics, and a delay in this can put your computer at significant risk. So contact us for a proper diagnosis to find the root of the problem. Our qualified computer technician can easily figure out what is wrong with your system and make recommendations on the best way to fix them.

Why Choose Us For Your Computer Repairing?

6666 Electronics offers the best Computer repair Renton, WA. We provide efficient and finest Apple computer repair to ensure you get back to your device quickly without sacrificing quality. Our high-quality computer repair Renton won’t break the bank, so we offer competitive prices.

Plus, experienced technicians make sure your device returns to you in good condition. Our motive is “quality over quantity” that’s why only the best and top-quality parts and tools are used in all repairs for the best possible outcome. And customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a 30-day warranty and affordable computer repair.


Is it worth repairing an old computer, or should I consider buying a new one?

Repairing and replacement all depend on the circumstances and condition of the device. So it’s better to seek professional help for a quick evaluation of your computer and get professional advice on which is the most cost-effective solution.

What if I have additional questions or concerns about computer repair?

You can freely contact us for any update about repair, prices, or any other query. We have the best customer service and cooperative staff will answer all your questions. So without any hesitation, reach out to our knowledgeable staff at 6666 Electronics, via phone, email, or visit our store.

Do you offer computer recovery data service at your store?  

Yes, we specialize in computer data recovery services. With the advanced techniques and tools, we retrieve your lost data from damaged or corrupted hard drives, ensuring the highest possible success rate.

What types of computer repair services do 6666 Electronics offer?

6666 Electronics is known for its extensive computer repair services. Which covers a large area of computer repair including hardware diagnostics, software troubleshooting, virus removal, data recovery, and system upgrades.

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