Tip of the Day: Back Tap

Get access to the camera app or any other key system functions from anywhere on your iPhone instantly

What is Back Tap:

Back Tap is an Accessibility settings feature that allows you to quickly open the Control Center, Camera app, take a screenshot, and more with a double or triple tap on the back of your iPhone. How much faster? Our demonstration on Facebook will show.

How to enable it:

Video tutorial on how to enable Back Tap.

Open Settings

From the home screen, open the Settings app

Select Accessibility settings

Scroll down to the Accessibility settings and select it

Select Touch

Under Physical and Motor section, select Touch

Select Back Tap

Scroll down until you see Back Tap and select it

Select Double Tap or Triple Tap

Now select Double Tap or Triple Tap

Select Function

And select the function you want to use this feature for. We chose the Camera app.

Assign Double and Triple Tap

You can have both Double Tap and Triple Tap assigned to anything you want from the list